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Jen Jewell's DynaPro Fitness Bundle

Jen Jewell bundle


Mini resistance bands to increase strength and flexibility

mini BANDS

Starting at $9.99

Fitness core sliders blue

core sliders

Starting at $19.99

DynaPro® Jump Rope (Green)

Jump rope

Starting at $19.99

workout resources

Jen Jewell's DynaPro Fit Bundle

Workout anywhere with Jen Jewell

DynaPro Mini Bands Legs

10 mini band exercises you can do anywhere

booty bands, mini bands, resistance bands, glutes, butt workout

booty band workout for serious gains

more ways to workout with dynapro...

Try the 30 day plank challenge for strong and toned abs

join our free 30 day ab challenge

DynaPro Direct and Crush Fit have teamed up to bring you everything you need to help you reach your fitness goals with a 30 day challenge!

DynaPro Crush Advanced Guides
Crush Fit Workout Guides

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