One of the biggest obstacles to getting a workout in can be lack of motivation. Working out may not always be the most entertaining activity, and you can probably come up with a lot of things that you would rather be doing. Take a look at these ideas to help you keep your workouts interesting.

Don’t repeatedly do the same workout. Repetition day-after-day not only feels boring, but also keeps you from using new muscles. The muscles that you are using will get used to what they are doing, leaving you with no improvements. It is important to realize that novel exercise is best for strengthening the whole body. Change resistance, speed or number of reps.

Another aspect of your workout that is easy to mix up is the scenery. Now that spring is here, you have an opportunity to get outside. Why use a treadmill when you can take in the scenery outdoors? Beyond just that, being outside gives you an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Being outside is a chance to bring the dog out or even run some errands, if possible.

Try bringing a friend along with you. A workout can be a great social opportunity, and conversation is a great distraction. Your workout partner may even help push you to work harder. Making plans to meet with a friend will also keep you committed to showing up. There’s no backing out when you know a friend is waiting.

An important part of pushing past your workout boredom involves setting goals. You will probably need to change up your workouts to achieve those goals, and integrating cardio with strength training will propel you further. Start with small milestones and work upward. By setting goals, you are competing with yourself to do your best. Take in your victories and note your progress. Over time, you will see that you have made a huge transformation.

An obvious suggestion that often goes overlooked is to play some music. Mix up your playlist and push yourself to match the tempo. There are websites with playlists designed to match a specific tempo or heart rate. Maybe even turn your workout into a game. There are tons of apps designed specifically for this purpose that focus on running, lifting or other types of exercises.

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Overall, there’s a lot that can be done to help combat boredom during a workout. That said, your biggest obstacle and your fiercest competitor will be yourself. Keep the benefits of your workout in mind, and you will be pushed above and beyond.