Your gym too? All of a sudden, you’ve noticed your personal trainer, lifting pros, and gym regulars incorporating resistance bands into their training. Here’s why you should consider using resistance bands, too:

Use Resistance Bands for Strength Training

Similar to powerlifting and using free weights, you can use resistance bands with the moves you’re already used to doing to build muscle. For example, you can do a bench press using D-handle resistance bands. Here at DynaPro, we offer resistance bands in all different weight levels, so whether you’re a beginner or an advanced lifter, you can find still find a resistance band that’s going to challenge you.

Use Resistance Bands to Stabilize Muscles

Resistance bands are really great for stabilizing muscles. When you’re using free weights, you don’t always hit every single muscle group. Even if you’re planning on powerlifting at the gym, incorporating resistance bands can bring the time you’re spending in the gym to the next level. You’ll end up hitting other, smaller muscle groups, too. Check out this video on how to use power resistance bands to build muscle and increase mobility:

Use Resistance Bands to Stretch

The other thing is resistance bands are a great tool for, is stretching. Before you work out, or after you work out, it doesn’t hurt to stretch and warm up your muscles. Stretching helps repair muscles, maximize strength, and improve recovery. Resistance bands are the perfect tool to make stretching sessions fun, effective, and easy. You’ll notice personal trainers using them after an intense workout.

Use Resistance Bands for Consistency

It’s so easy to stick resistance bands right in your gym bag. You can bring them back and forth to the gym, or you can leave some in your locker. We would recommend having a pair that you keep at the gym and a separate pair that you keep at home. On the next rainy day when you don’t want to get to the gym, you won’t be able to use staying indoors as an excuse not to work out. Plus, once you nail your resistance band training routines, you’ll love taking them with you on your next vacation and getting a quick pump in before a day at the beach or a night out. Being able to maintain a specific workout routine that you love no matter where you are will help keep you focused and on track. Never miss a day.

Check out this Triceps Extension with a power resistance band:

Use Power Resistance Bands for Powerlifting

You can use power resistance bands to increase the effectiveness of your lifting sessions. Use a power band with a heaver weight level and wrap it around your favorite machine, barbell, or bench to add some heat to your session. We have plenty of blogs and information on our site so you can learn exactly how to do this. Check out Sean Berry’s favorite way to use DynaPro power resistance bands for his Arm Annihilation routine. Once you start using your power resistance band, you’ll never go back to regular power lifting again.

Use a Mini Band to Intensify Bodyweight Workouts

The best part about using mini precision loop bands is you can add them to plenty of bodyweight exercise you’re already used to doing. For example, you can intensify your typical squats and lunges by incorporating a mini band. Oh, and when squatting, you can refer to them as booty bands! Check out Katie Austin’s favorite moves with our DynaPro mini bands:

Use D-Handle Resistance Bands to Simulate Weightlifting

D-handle resistance bands will be your new best friend in the gym. At DynaPro, we offer the bands in all different weight levels, but we would recommend starting with a set so you have a few options to work with. (And we mean work!) Use them to simulate other workout moves that you would do with free weights or a barbell.

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Use Resistance Bands for Conditioning and Endurance Training

Think of it this way: Remember when you used to play baseball when you were a kid and your coach would give you a heavier bat to swing with before stepping up the plate? That happened so that when you actually get up to bat, your swing would be more powerful since you were conditioned with the heavier bat. It’s a similar concept with resistance bands. You can actually train yourself and condition your body by adding a little extra resistance to regular workouts or weights. You’ll find that you’ll move along faster as far as being able to increase his speed and weight at which you are able to effectively execute different moves.

Use Resistance Bands to Prevent Injury

Everyone from powerlifters to yogis can use resistance bands to prevent injury. As you know, resistance bands can be used for stretching. Resistance bands are low impact and easy on the joints. Runners especially turn to resistance bands for an effective way to stabilize muscles, as runners can unfortunately experience injury do to muscle imbalance. (FYI: We can all use a little help here, stabilizing our muscle groups!)

Check out this Power Back Hyper move with a power resistance band:

 Use Resistance Bands to Trick Muscle Memory

Another reason why incorporating resistance bands into your workout routine is a smart idea, is you will totally mess up your muscle memory — which is an excellent thing when focusing on gains. Doing the same move over and over again at the same weight is not going to cut it, so adding different resistance levels to your work out routine and trying new moves with new resistance bands is a way to add versatility to your usual routine.

Use Resistance Bands to Burn Calories

There’s another major reason why you’re going to want to incorporate resistance bands into your workout routine at the gym. If you want to burn more calories, use resistance bands. It’s that simple. Get your body fat percentage down by and fire up your metabolism by adding bands into your routine. You’ll love the intense burn the simple bands will provide. Personal trainers will incorporate the bands into workout routines for clients who specifically are focused on weight loss, for this reason.


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