The perfect gear for pumping up before hitting the pool or beach on vacation…

Before you head off on your spring break vacation, make sure you toss this fitness gear in your suitcase. You worked so hard to get in shape this vacation, why not throw a few sets in at the hotel room or on the beach before you head out. You’ll feel toned and confident to flex those muscles while you’re away soaking up the sun. Here’s why:

    1. Portability Matters:

      We know you don’t even want to think about lugging around extra gear in your suitcase! Picking easy-to-pack essentials matters. Various resistance bands, jump ropes, and even an exercise ball (deflated for travel) offer a variety of workouts while taking up little room in your carry-on.

    2. Stay Active on the Plane:

      Take a mini resistance band on the flight (especially long hauls) to stay active beyond just walking up and down the aisles. Keeping the upper and lower body active will reduce stress and tension from those crowded airplane seats.

    3. Plan Ahead:

      If possible, think about how active you’re going to be on your trip, then pack accordingly. Plan on spending time poolside? Bring a resistance band. Only have time for a quick workout in the hotel? Pack a jump rope and get your heart rate going in just a few minutes. Have an oversized balcony to use as your hotel gym? Blow up that exercise ball and get to work.

    4. Change of Pace:

      Don’t let the departure from your regular gym dampen your routine. Take this opportunity to try a new exercise or mix in something you typically don’t do. Haven’t used resistance bands before? Give ‘em a go! New to exercise balls? Go for it!

    1. Make Friends:

      Chances are, you won’t be the only one trying to fit in a workout on spring break, but you may be the only one who was smart enough to pack gear! Get a jump rope group going and you’ll have new friends in no time.

    2. Travel-Ready Gear:

      Durability matters. Packing things like our top-rated exercise ball means your workout gear will be intact when you arrive. The portable pump means you can inflate in the hotel room and have instant balance and core exercises.

Pro-grade jump rope for beach vacation

  1. Outdoor Adventuring:

    Hiking just got a lot more fun. Pack a resistance band or two in your daypack for a new twist on the trails. They’ll add a nice upper body challenge to your trek.

  2. Training for a Big Event? Keep Going:

    Our portable line is the perfect way to maintain your training schedule while stepping away for vacation. Combining a couple of resistance workouts with a morning run means you won’t miss a beat.

  3. Or, Be a Trainer for Someone Else:

    If you have the room, pack some extra workout gear and see where it takes you. Even just an extra set of bands could lead to new adventures on your hard-earned vacation.

  4. Balance Anywhere:

    Business travel can be especially stressful. Imagine coming back to your room after a long day of meetings and presentations and having the opportunity to unwind. Our exercise ball is a great way to bring the mind and soul back to center and keep that spring break vibe front and center. Reach for the resistance bands to take the edge off, or for the jump rope to get your heart rate up.

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