Fit Body Fit Mind

It shouldn’t be a surprise that fitness is essential not only for the body, but also for the mind as the positive effects of physical fitness on academic performance have long been noted. Studies have found that children who are physically active and fit are able to absorb and retain more information than those who are out of shape. In a society where childhood diabetes and obesity rates are constantly climbing and with kids now spending more time sitting in front of screens than running around, it is essential to not let fitness fall by the wayside as its benefits extend far beyond the physical. Physical activity promotes good mental health as well as strong muscles and bones. It reduces the chances of developing diabetes and obesity and the risk factors that lead to chronic disease. Even more than that, it may help to improve concentration, memory and even classroom behavior.

school gym jump rope.

The Fit Brain

Need more convincing? Research has found that physical education and activity has resulted in improved grades and test scores as well as overall classroom behavior. Exercise increases oxygen flow to the brain as well as brain neurotransmitters, which stimulates brain function. Aerobic exercise also helps to pump blood throughout the body, which includes the brain. When there is more blood there is more oxygen, which results in healthy and nourished brain tissue. Exercise also encourages peak performance as it causes nerve cells to multiply and protects them for damage. Therefore, active kids are more likely to succeed academically as they are primed and ready to learn from being physically active.

Get Moving In Your School Gym

In an increasingly sedentary world it doesn’t have to be hard to get your kids moving, they just have to get up and play. The National Association for Sport and Physical Education recommends 60 minutes a day for children and adolescents. That’s just an hour a day to see increased performance, brain functioning and lower risk for health issues. Kids don’t have to be hitting the gym and throwing around weights though; they just need to play, to move, to run. Tools like jump ropes are a great option for children as they allow them to play, as they get fit and improve their health. The cardiovascular effort as well as endurance and power involved in jumping rope makes for a great workout that can go anywhere from gym class to the playground.

school gym jump rope

Dynapro offers a great selection of high quality jump ropes that will get your kids moving in no time. Made from durable and profession grade PVC cord these ropes are easily adjustable to fit kids of all sizes and metal ball paring with ring joint insure the smoothest swing. They are perfect for a workout or just fun and help promote and healthy body and a healthy mind.

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