A Star From the Start

Raised by a father who was also a golfer, Rory McIlroy picked up his first golf club at an exceptionally young age. By just the age of seven, Rory became the youngest member of his local golf club, a club that to this day he is still a member of. Flash forward a number of years and today he is now known for his win of the 2011 U.S open and the 2012 PGA Championship, which also earned him the title of youngest player to win a PGA tour playoff.

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Age Is Just a Number

Rory McIlroy plays in both the PGA and the European tours. After deciding to forgo collegiate level golf to continue his amateur golf career, he made quite a name for himself, claiming several titles, many as the youngest person ever to earn. He had a successful amateur career that led him to turn pro in 2007. His impressive golfing career speaks for itself; he spent ninety-five weeks in the number one spot of the World Official Golf ranking. Additionally, he holds four major championships titles and is one of only three other golfers to win three major titles by the age of twenty-five.

Rory McIlroy Workout Tips

When it comes to working out McIlroy stands out in the crowd of pro golfers, as he is known for his built physique that he certainly had to put in hours at the gym for. He is mostly known for lifting weights, but his fitness routine is much more than that. His routine continually evolves, mixing strength training with resistance bands and cardio to keep his muscles guessing. Give this McIlroy approved workout a try!

Deadlift – Approach the barbell until the middle of your feet are directly under the bar. Bend your knees and reach down until you can grab the bar. Engage your core and keep your shoulders pulled down and back, breathe and pull the bar up, sending your hips forward to standing position. Aim for four sets of five reps at a weight that feels heavy for you.

High Box Jump – Time to work that explosive power. Grab a box that is at a challenging height for you and then step back from it, bend your knees and explode off your toes to land with your feet on the middle of the top of the box. Step down and repeat. Aim for five sets of eight reps.

Exercise ball dumbbell pullover – Lie back on a stability ball with a dumbbell outstretched overhead while holding on to the end of the dumbbell. Keep your feet firmly on the floor and then use your abs to pull yourself up to a seated position keeping the dumbbell extended overhead. Aim for two sets of 12 reps.

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Renegade Row – Come in a plank position with your shoulders over wrists, hips low, and core tight. With two dumbbells under your wrists, keeping your core engaged and your hip steady, pull one dumbbell straight up to the side of your torso, return it to the plank position and then repeat on the other side. Go for two sets of 15 reps.

Resistance Band Wood Chops High and Low – Anchor a resistance band at a low point, then bend down, grab the band and rotate with it to standing, extending your arms by your head, much like a golf swing. Then anchor the band at a high point, and repeat the motion in reverse from the overhead, rotating and chopping downward. These are great for working on strength and rotation for your golf swing. Move slowly and engage the core, be sure to get both sides. The DynaPro power brands are a great tool for this exercise, they are extremely resilient and come in a variety of weights. They are easy to use and snap resistant and even come with a lifetime guarantee!

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