When you walk into your gym, you navigate through the endless cardio equipment, all of the machines, dumbbells and other free weights, and maybe in the corner you’ll see some stretchy bands by the yoga mats you’re not quite sure how to use. Even then, there are too many different sizes, shapes, and colors to figure out what to do with these contraptions.

They’re just big rubber bands, right? How hard can it be? Here’s some good news: They really are as simple to use as they look! You can pretty much use power bands for almost any exercise. Here are some of the best ways you can use your power bands during a workout!


Assisted Pull-Up
Assisted pull-ups with power band
Assisted pull-up exercise with power band
Single Arm Lat Pull-Down
Single arm lat pull-down with power band
Power band lat pull-down exercise


Banded Push-Ups
Band push ups to build chest strength
Power band push ups
Single Arm Chest Press
Single arm chest press with band
Power band single arm chest press


Hammer Bicep Curl
Standing biceps hammer curl with power band
Power band hammer curls
Hammer curls with power resistance band
Overhead Tricep Extension
Overhead tricep extension with power band
Band overhead tricep extension
Tricep Kickback

Tricep kickbacks with power band
Power band tricep kickbacks


Crossover abs with band
Power band abs workout


Hip Thrusts
Hip thrust with power band
Band hip thrust workout
Cable Pull-Through Motion (on knees for better leverage)
Pull through exercise with band
Band pull through workout
Traditional Deadlift
Traditional deadlift with bands
Deadlift with a resistance power band
Good Morning
Power band good morning exercise
Good morning workout with power band
Front Squat
Power band front squats
Front squat with a resistance power band
Row Squat (works legs and back)
Power band squat row exercise
Row squats with power band
Why bother switching up what you’re used to for these things? Well, take a quick minute and read some of the benefits!
  1. Builds strength.

    Adding resistance training with power bands will help increase strength, build muscle mass, and increase endurance. DynaPro offers different levels of resistance, allowing you to kick it up a notch with the next strongest resistance. Power bands can also be added to compound movements like deadlifts, squats, and bench presses to help amplify your lifts while putting minimal stress on the joints.

  2. Improve form.

    If you’re new to lifting or resistance training, using a power band before jumping into free weights is a good way to learn the movements. By using a lower weight, slowing it down, and squeezing at the top of any exercise, you’ll learn which muscles should be used in any movement. It’s a good place to start to get comfortable with the motions before throwing around heavy weight and potentially injuring yourself. Weightlifting experts can take advantage of power bands as well for the same reason. It’s easy to get caught up with lifting heavier and heavier, but it’s beneficial to take a step back and focus on form every once in awhile.

  3. Get creative.

    Switch up your normal workout routine with these power band alternatives! Keep your fitness fun by trying something new. Trust me, your muscles will be feeling it the next day after doing a full workout with these.

  4. Stretch.

    Power bands are a great tool to warm up and stretch. Not all of us our nimble, so the bands give our arms an extension to get deeper into stretches.

  5. Convenience.

    Power bands are like carrying an entire gym with you wherever you go. When the gym is packed, you can still find a quiet spot in the gym and knock out a killer workout with power bands. When you’re travelling and don’t have access to a gym, these can easily be packed in your bag so you can stay fit on-the-go.

  6. Lastly, if going to the gym isn’t your thing, you can grab a set of DynaPro power bands and work up a sweat right at home!
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