So, you waited until the last minute? Now you are looking for that perfect mother’s day gift idea. No need to worry, we have your back — and some great fitness gifts that Mom wants for her at-home gym!

This Mother’s Day, come up with some gift ideas that she’ll actually be able to use, year after year. Think about it: Mom loves to look her best, but she spends so much of her time making sure she keeps the household running. She deserves the works when it comes to her at-home gym. Not only do we offer high-quality fitness equipment, but our gifts for Mom are super portable, easy to store away, fun to use, and of course, all of our gear comes in bright colors that moms love!


Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Green DynaPro Resistance Band

A resistance band is the perfect way to add some strength training to Mom’s routine. Our green resistance band is heavy duty and won’t break down, even when Mom pushes herself to new limits. The band is great for a full body workout and stretching and stabilizing muscles in a safe way. It’s easy to invent new, effective workouts with the band, and she can easily pair it with an exercise to maximize her results!

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Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Pink DynaPro Exercise Ball

The pink exercise ball will be key in developing a strong core for Mom. Crunches and elevated push-ups and planks are all important for building lean muscle while shredding through those extra pounds. DynaPro exercise balls are easy to deflate and store, she can even take them with her on the go. Plus, moms love the bright pink color, too! You can give it to her along with our ab challenge, so she can get ready for summer — but only if you’ll do it with her!

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Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Pink DynaPro Jump Rope

The pink jump rope is versatile and easy for Mom to throw in her bag to use during break at work or on a weekend trip. The rope adjusts easily to fit all sizes, so no matter if she’s short or tall it will keep her active and add fun to her normal cardio routine. Staying active by jumping rope will allow Mom to stay healthy and feel slim and strong for years to come.

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Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Purple DynaPro Power Resistance Bands

Whether Mom wants to add resistance to her stretching routine or punch up the intensity with her  next push-up, she’ll be thrilled to have a stylish power resistance band in her at-home gym! The best part about our power resistance bands? They’ll help balance and stabilize Mom’s imbalanced muscles. Plus, who doesn’t love purple?

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Mother’s Day Gift Idea: DynaPro Mini Bands (Pack of Four)

Our mini resistance bands are perfect for every experience level. They come in light (2-4 lbs), medium (4-6 lbs) , heavy (10-12 lbs) and extra heavy (10-20 lbs) — all in different, bright colors! The bands can assist with squats, push-ups, and so much more. Mini bands offer a better range of motion without all the stress that weightlifting bringd. Check out the top ten moves to do with mini bands.

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