Jen Jewell is a fitness expert, health & fitness writer, personal trainer, fitness model and more. Having fun with fitness (and helping others do the same) and leading an active lifestyle year-round is truly what she loves to do. Because of this, partnering with DynaPro was a match made in fitness heaven.

Jen understands that not everyone is going to have access to a gym every day, but that should not be viewed as a barrier to getting fit! Jen travels very often, both for work and pleasure, and is always finding ways to workout on the go, while making sure she has the most fun doing it.

Traveling is one of my favorite things (I’m fairly certain that the saying “I’d rather have a passport full of stamps than a house full of stuff” was written with me in mind) and I’ve been fortunate enough to travel quite frequently for my work in fitness, too! My #fittravel approach along with my #funwithfitness mantra have become second nature and truly are a big part of my lifestyle.


No gym, no problem! Here are Jen’s favorite products for working out absolutely anywhere:


Jen Jewell DynaPro Power Bands

2. Mini Bands

Jen Jewell DynaPro minibands

3. Ab Sliders

Jen Jewell DynaPro Ab Sliders

4. Jump Rope


To help make sure everybody can get a quality workout in no matter where they are, DynaPro has partnered with Jen to offer an exclusive bundle, featuring all of Jen’s favorite products!

Jen Jewell’s Fitness Essentials Bundle…

Jen Jewell's DynaPro Fitness Bundle

Included: 1 Red Powerband, 1 set of Pink Core Sliders, 1 set of Mini Bands, 1 Pink Jump Rope, and 1 Door Anchor


Full retail value for this entire package is $71.99, but thanks to Jen, you can buy get the full bundle for $47.99!

Want even more from Jen?

Every purchase of Jen Jewell’s Fitness Bundle comes with a free copy of Jen’s “Workout Anywhere Guide”. This guide features 2 full workouts: Upper Body Blast and Leg Day Work It Circuit. Both workouts feature the products sold in this bundle, so you’re guaranteed to get a great workout!