Add an exercise ball to your workout routine and daily life to maximize results. Here’s how.

Shake up your get-in-shape sessions with a high quality exercise ball that won’t deflate on you when you’re in the midst of molding your body. Use the ball for full-body toning, stabilizing your muscles, strengthening your core, and improving your posture and balance. Bring the ball beyond your gym (or home!) and use it in the office as a chair — trust us, you’ll love it!

Exercise balls come in all different colors, sizes, and materials. Choose a ball in you favorite color with a thick lining that supports your body in the healthiest way. Go with a larger size (75 cm) if you’ll use it as a chair, and go for a standard size (65 cm) if you just want to use it for working out. If you have a smaller frame, or you want your kid or tween to start using the ball, then a smaller size ball (55 cm) will suit your needs. DynaPro Direct offers the highest quality lining, in colors like bright pink, blue, grey, and black — in all three sizes.

If you’re brave enough — or smart enough — to swap out your office chair for an exercise ball, or switch between the two throughout the day, there’s a few things you need to know:

Exercise ball to stay fit and energetic in the office

  • It’s important to change it up at work, since a classic office chair can be the source of major back and neck discomfort
  • Exercise balls in the office are ergonomics-approved, and your boss (and coworkers!) won’t think it’s strange that you’re swapping your seat for a healthier option. In fact, it might inspire others in your workplace to do the same
  • You’ll notice your core and back muscles strengthening naturally, which will improve your posture, confidence, and mood
  • Sitting on an exercise ball is plain fun, and it might help you focus a bit more. Plenty of European schools encourage their students to sit on stability balls to improve focus and concentration throughout the school day


Lower-body workouts with an exercise ballIf you’re ready to incorporate an exercise ball into your workout routine for lower-body training, here’s what you need to know:

  • Be prepared to get down: The ball will act as a weighted tool when you’re doing floor workouts, like leg lifts, reverse leg curls, bridges, ball squeezes, V-presses, knee tucks, toe raises, and more!
  • Don’t forget to squat: One of the most popular exercise ball moves is a wall squat. Place the ball between your back and the wall, and lowering down into a squat. You can do this with weights to increase the intensity of the move

Upper-body workouts with an exercise ballIf you’re ready to incorporate an exercise ball into your workout routine for upper-body training, here’s what you need to know:

  • Push it: The ‘push’ motion will become your new best friend. Whether you’re doing body-balancing push-ups on top of the exercise ball, or working modified push-ups by executing the move while your hands (or feet!) are resting on the ball, you’re going to notice a huge difference in the strength you feel when the workout is over
  • Love your six pack: Whether you can see it (yet!) or not, your core is going to be strengthening like never before. No matter what exercise you do with a stability ball, the core benefits big time, but if you choose to target your core while using the exercise ball, you’ll experience a satisfying burn that didn’t burn you out in the process. Try different variations of crunches — by the way, your back will be strengthening the entire time, too!


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