Everyone needs a getaway now and then. However, a lot of people worry about their healthy habits while traveling. For most, a vacation means taking a break from their usual grind, but traveling doesn’t have to mean losing sight of goals and ditching healthy habits. Most hotel gyms now offer more than just a bike and a pair of five-pound dumbbells, making it easier for guests to feel good and stay on track.

Here are the essentials every hotel gym should have to keep their guests healthy, happy, and sweaty.

Power Resistance Bands

power resistance bandsThese colorful workout bands should definitely be another staple. The trendy bands are extremely convertible and DynaPro Direct offers a high-quality, affordable option that should be a part of every hotel gym. They come in a variety of different resistance levels, so there’s something for everyone. Guests can get some serious body work in with these — anything from bicep curls to attaching them to a hook and using them to row and fire up those back muscles. Power resistance band can also be added for barbell resistance.

Barbell + Weight Plates

So, now for the barbell! With just a barbell or two and a set of 5-, 10-, 25- and 45-pound plates, the workout possibilities are endless. You don’t even need a large rack setup. A staple piece of equipment as simple as this can be used so many different ways. You can get a great full body workout with just this one piece that’s customizable, so it’s perfect for all types of gym-goers. It will even appease the power lifters who live for the barbell. As a bonus, the plates can also be used as weights on their own.

Exercise Balls

exercise ball

An exercise ball is one of the best pieces of exercise equipment a hotel gym can own. An exercise ball allows you to train your whole body with fun and innovative moves. It allows fitness buffs to increase abdominal and back muscle strength while increasing balance and stability. It can also be helpful to those guests who are having back pain, and are recommended for good spine health. DynaPro exercise balls are designed with anti-burst PVC material, making them ideal for all levels.

Cardio Machines

There’s no way around this. People will always want to burn off those extra calories they consume at the hotel buffet. You can expect your guests to be looking for a way to burn up those Calories on a treadmill or elliptical. There will always be the dedicated cardio bunnies that want to come get their sweat on. Treadmills are great for fitness buffs of all levels, from high intensity interval training, to cool downs and warm-ups. These machines shouldn’t be overlooked.

Jump Ropes

jump rope

Jumping rope is another way to burn off those extra vacation calories. They are easy to use and can be less intimidating than a treadmill or elliptical machine. DynaPro workout jump ropes come with long aluminum handles and wider loops. The quality ropes are designed with professional weight PVC cord, built for speed, and feature high-grade metal ball bearings paired with ring joints, adjustable to any height. The ropes are perfect for experts doing double unders and beginners in need of some fun cardiovascular jump rope exercise.

Dumbbells + Bench

You can’t get away without dumbbells and a bench. A wide range of dumbbell weights makes everyone happy, and including a bench makes the possibilities infinite. You can bench press, do rear-foot elevated squats, weighted step-ups, and so much more. Plus, you can use dumbbells alone to tone arms, abs, back, core, legs and everything in between, making them a must have for guests.

One of the deciding factors health conscious people make when planning a trip is what type of hotel fitness equipment is available at the their choice of lodging.

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