The Preacher’s Daughter

The 5 foot 8 inch tall Albuquerque native may be a preacher’s daughter, but Holly Holm seems to have found her own church in the fighting ring. Growing up, Holly was no stranger to sports, taking part in soccer, gymnastics, swimming, and diving before discovering kickboxing and boxing. Initially, she was pulled toward the sport as a means to stay in shape, but it came more easily to her than she expected. So much so that she took home her fist amateur kickboxing championship title in the fall of 2001. She then made her professional debut, followed by her pro boxing debut in January 2002.

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A Champion In The Making

Holly’s career is marked by many notable wins, but her most famous is her record-breaking fight against the formerly undefeated and heavy favorite, Ronda Rousey, to snag the bantamweight championship title in what came to be called one of the biggest upsets in sports. But Holly didn’t stop there; she is also the first person to claim the championship title in both boxing and mixed martial arts. Outside of the ring she appeared on screen in the 2016-film Fight Valley. That didn’t slow down her training though. Holly returned to the bantamweight division after losing the title fight in the featherweight championship to take on Bethe Correia on June 17, 2017, winning with a third round knockout.

Hustle For The Muscle

When it comes to training to get ready for a fight, Holly steps up to the grind, running up to five days a week and incorporating strength training two days a week. Holly also teaches kickboxing classes weekly and works on her sparring, mitt work, wrestling and grappling as well. Her impressive abs and even more impressive fighting record certainty speak for themselves.

Workout like Holly!

Try this Holly inspired MMA workout and you’ll feel the burn in no time.

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Note: if you already consider yourself hard in the core, do these routines with a higher repetition in mind. If you’re relatively new, aim for a 10 reps, if that’s too easy, escalate to a higher set, aim for 4 rounds of each!

Seating scissors kicks

Sit down on the ground with your legs just above the ground and a few inches apart. Lift one foot while lowering the other to create a quick scissoring motion. Be sure to keep those feet off the ground the whole time!

Seated cross kicks

Stay in the exact position as the previous exercise, but instead cross your legs in a crisscross motion one over the other at the same speed and height as previously mentioned.

Toe touches

Lie back on the ground and bring your legs up to a 90-degree angle. Reach up towards your toes so that your upper body comes away from the floor. Reach as far up as you can, it’s okay if you can’t touch your toes, repeat the reach quickly and focus on speed. Return to the starting position between sets for rest if needed.


Keeping your back on the ground and feet flat against the floor, knees bent and arms at your sides bring your upper body a few inches off the ground and bend to the left and then right reaching for your ankles. The movement should look like a penguin walk.


Sit on the floor, legs flat and together, keeping them in this position lift them up. You can use your hands under your shoulders for added support if needed here. Holding your legs together draw circles in the air using your hip. Go clockwise for half the reps and then switch directions.

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