Your fitness routine should be fun, effective, and easy to do in any location. Now, there’s a box that gives you just that and more!

Breathe life back into your fitness routine by incorporating easy-to-use gear by DynaPro Direct and fun workouts created by Katie Austin. Austin is a millennial fitness leader who inspires and teaches thousands on social media to strive for and reach healthy goals. Now, there’s a box that brings our products and her inspiration right to your doorstep! The package includes portable and trendy fitness gear – plus access to energetic videos, featuring Katie Austin, that show you exactly what to do with the gear. Read on to see what you can do with the package to get results you’ll love!

  1. Get dressed for your workout:

    Okay, so this isn’t something you have to do, but it’s something you might really enjoy getting into the habit of doing! Push that old t-shirt to the left, and sport activewear that makes you feel good. Set an intention to collect a few pieces of clothing just for your fitness sessions. Dressing for the occasion helps get your head in the game, and it will boost your confidence too. Austin’s always showing off trendy fitness wear and she’s definitely onto something! Most importantly, don’t forget to wear your smile.

  2. Learn more about your body:

    Shake up your regular gym sessions and open up the lines of communication with your body. The workouts included will get your heart pumping and blood flowing, while the resistance bands will help stabilize and stretch your muscles. You’ll learn how important it is to balance your body as you continue to build strength. That’s a key to take with you through life.

  3. DynaPro® Jump RopeBecome better at jumping rope:

    It is a foolish fitness-minded person who ignores the jump rope! Seriously though, jumping rope has been a staple workout for years – and for a good reason.

    Get excited to pick up the rope and learn how to use it the right way. Jump ropes are super portable too, so you can take your jump rope anywhere to get a quick workout in.

  4. Have fun while you pump up:

    It’s literally impossible to work out with Austin and not have the time of your life. She knows when to be serious, when to push you, when to break out in laughter, and when to “shake it off.” Whether you’re working out to better yourself, tone your body, relieve your stress, or go on a mental vacation, your body will naturally learn the importance of feeling good when you exercise after getting through these videos. This is another key that you should take with you through life.

  5. Get your blood flowing:

    Austin’s workout series with DynaPro is far from boring or predictable. The millennial fitness guru is on trend, and combines several fitness styles – including cardio HIIT – to execute energetic routines that any beginner or seasoned strength-training professional would benefit from.

  6. DynaPro® Pink Exercise BallTry new exercise ball techniques:

    Learn to love your exercise ball and keep it close by! You can stretch, build strength, wind down, or pump up with it. Try using it as a chair and learn moves from Austin that you can use for a lifetime. By reaching for the exercise ball when you work out, you end up strengthening your abdominals without even realizing it.

  7. Tone your muscles:

    You know what’s not included in this package? Weights – and it’s meant to be that way! By working out with Austin and DynaPro gear, you’re still going to see your muscles toning up and strengthening as if you were lifting weights. This will empower you to strength train even when weights are not accessible!

  8. Dynapro® Precision Mini Exercise BandsGet obsessed with mini bands:

    You’ll receive four DynaPro mini precision loop bands (at different levels of resistance) in your workout package – learn to love ’em and use ’em! Stick one in your wallet (yep!) or in the pocket of your sweatshirt on your next run.

    Austin will show you the ropes, but you’ll likely discover new ways to use these bands to stretch and strengthen your muscles on your own, too. They are so easy to use. #trendalert

  9. Slim down:

    All of the DynaPro fitness gear will help you decrease your body fat percentage. By using them in the right way, you’ll maximize your results. Austin will give you the confidence you need to learn new techniques and execute them properly. You’ll never have to second-guess or question yourself again!

  10. DynaPro® Resistance BandExperience how powerful resistance bands are:

    You’ll never underestimate the power of resistance bands again! Not only can resistance bands have a profound effect on your pump-up sessions, but they’ll naturally help stabilize and balance your different muscle groups, too. This is crucial to building healthy muscle mass, and it’s been so often overlooked.



Katie Austin fitness package from DynaPro