Jennifer Labodda says our mini bands take her booty workout routine to the next level. Here’s her step-by-step so you can do it too: 

JL: All you need is yourself, a bench, and some accessories to get in a great full body workout. The options are endless with the DynaPro resistance bands, but I’m going to take you through a booty workout today with some of my favorite exercises!


Single Leg RDL – 10 reps each leg: Mini Bands


Reverse Lunge – 10 reps each leg: Mini Bands

reverse lunge with mini band, booty band workout


Plank Step Outs – 10 reps each leg: Mini Bands

plank step out mini booty band


Squat – 15 reps: Power Bands

booty band workout squat


Mountain climbers (20 seconds) – Superset — Box Jump (10 jumps): Mini Bands

bench mountain climbers superset box jump mini booty bands

Donkey kick – 10 reps each leg: Resistance Bands

resistance band donkey kicks


Do your best not to rest between the six exercises, KEEP GOING. Once you’ve completed all exercises once, rest for one minute. Then, repeat three times!

Do as many rounds as you can or feel free to add more reps to each exercise for more of a challenge. You’ll feel the burn and you’ll have sweat dripping down your face, but it’s all going to be worth it!

Do it for the booty!


Get the equipment for this workout:

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