FitElyse challenges you to her Beach-Ready Workout!

Belly and booty… those are the two most requested “improvement areas” from my clients. They want smaller waists, toned abs, a tighter booty, an apple bottom. Don’t we all? Well, it’s totally doable! Yes, you’ve got to work, you need to be consistent, you’ll have to sweat, but it’s all worth it when you can rock that bikini with confidence.

beach mini band

For the core and buns, my favorite piece of equipment is also the smallest piece – the mini band pack. They travel with me everywhere. I use them all the time whether at home or on a tropical vacation.

You can make your gym anywhere you choose. This is part of consistency. I know sometimes it’s hard to get to an actual gym. I understand that your kiddos might be napping so you can’t go for a run. I totally know. But, you can always wrap a band around your ankles and kick that foot back to burn the booty. It’s going to take consistent sweat sessions… and a clean diet (more on this later).

For this workout shoot, my gym was the beach. Here, I put together the best exercises for those highly requested areas. From the front to the back, I’ve got you covered.



*Do each move for 40 seconds. There’s no time for breaks here. Keep moving and get it done. Complete 3-4 cycles

  1. Squat With Outer Thigh Kick
    • squat mini band 
  2. Kneeling Donkey Kicks
    •  donkey kick mini band
  3. Lunge With Row (30 seconds on each side)
    • lunge row mini band lunge row mini band
  4. Plank To Row
    • plank row mini band plank row mini band
  5. V-Up Pulls
    •  v_up mini band
  6. Banded Deadlifts
    •  deadlift mini band
  7. Standing Ab Bends
    •  side ab mini band
  8. Plank Glute Kick Backs
    •  plank leg lift mini band


  • I recommend completing this workout at least twice a week.
  • Keep your core tight with every move and focus on the areas you’re targeting.
  • Use a band that challenges you, but also allows you to get full range of motion. For these exercises, I like mixing in the yellow, pink and blue.


Now, after you get that workout in, don’t wash it all away with a margarita and nachos. Put good stuff inside your body and you’ll see better results! If you need help in that area, check out my simple and delicious FitYou Food Guide. You’ll maximize the results and your health.


beach mini band