Interview with Katie Austin to make workouts more fun

Catch Some Inspo: Fitness Guru Katie Austin Is Obsessed With Fun Workouts

Spice up your workout routine to get better results, faster. Here’s how!

On a daily basis, Katie Austin motivates thousands of followers to have fun while working out through her social media platforms, like Instagram and YouTube. In an exclusive interview with DynaPro Direct, Austin shares her secrets to a perfect workout routine, tells us what her diet consists of, and shows us how to have a blast getting fit. Plus, she shows us what some of her favorite fitness moves are!

DynaPro Direct: At what point in your life did you decide you wanted to turn your love for fitness into a career? 

Katie Austin: I've always been into fitness and health ever since I can remember, as my mom, Denise Austin, was in the industry. She had her own TV show, books, and DVDs. But, it wasn't until my junior year of college, right after I stopped playing division one athletics at University of Southern California, that I realized what I wanted to pursue. Because I studied TV production, I started a segment on USC's college station, where every Wednesday I would give a fit tip or show a workout. Both my love for fitness and TV came together, and from there it became my passion.

DD: What's the importance of having fun during workout sessions? 

KA: UMM, ALL THE IMPORTANCE! In my opinion, if you're having fun during a workout, you forget you're even working out! When a workout is fun, it's more sustainable because it isn't as dreadful. That's also why I love working out with a buddy so much, because friends help keep you entertained!

DD: What's your go-to recipe?

KA: All my go-to recipes are super simple! If it's not simple, OR tasty, it won't be realistic. My go-to meal would be quinoa, chicken, a veggie, and an avocado. And honestly, it all depends what I have in the fridge! I love making trays of different veggies and protein. For example, I’ll set my oven to around 350 degrees, lay out a cookie tray of veggies and chicken, sprinkle with garlic, salt and pepper, and bake until it’s ready! It always turns out delicious!

Transform your workout routine with Katie’s fitness packageDD: Can you talk a little bit about your Katie Austin Box with DynaPro Direct? What was your favorite part about creating or launching the workouts and box?

KA: My collab equipment box with DynaPro was SO awesome for me in many ways. I love giving my girls something they can physically use in their homes, on the go, and just about anywhere.

It makes a workout more convenient and easy, as there is not just one piece of equipment in the box, but FOUR. AKA, there are endless workouts you can do with all these pieces.
Jump rope workout with Katie Austin

DD: What's your favorite move with a jump rope?

KA: My favorite move is a one-leg jump rope! You really feel the burn because you're just focusing on one leg at a time. It also burns the calves!

DD: What's your favorite way to use resistance bands and mini resistance bands?

KA: ANYTHING booty related. Using the bands makes butt and leg workouts so much more challenging, and you can definitely see results quicker.

DD: What's your favorite way to work out with an exercise ball?

KA: A pike, for sure. Best ab move.

DD: What's one of your favorite quotes, or something you say during your workout classes to help motivate everyone?

KA: "It'll all be worth it, you will thank yourself later."

During the workout, you can get very discouraged. Sometimes a workout can be so hard you may feel like giving up. I've even said to myself many times, "Ugh what's five more reps? It won't matter." "Oh what's one more set going to do?" But, it’s so important to tell myself and others it will all add up and be worth it. It's inspiring to know that the workout you are completing is important for reaching your goals.

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