Darnell Cox attacks the aging process from every angle by shaping up her mentality. You can do it too!

Cali-gal, Darnell Cox, of LiveYoungLifestyle.com knows all about embracing the essence of youth, and credits her ability to do so to her overall mindset and physical well-being. Not to mention, she’s in killer shape! In an exclusive interview, she shares with DynaPro Direct exactly how she gets her head in the game to keep her health at the tippy top of her priority list. Check out her tips and catch some motivation!

DynaPro Direct: Darnell, why is wellness so important to you?

Darnell Cox: We only have this one body, and although we don’t know when it’s coming, it has an expiration date. There are many who believe that treating our minds and bodies with mindful wellness, we may even be able to “extend” that expiration date. But whether that’s so, how we take care of our bodies each day absolutely impacts the quality of our life as we get older. It’s said that you can’t stay young forever, but you can live young for as long as you choose.

DD: Why is mentality such a huge part of overall well-being?

DC: The mind is more powerful than we think. We can talk ourselves into (or out of) anything. At least I’ve found that that I can.

DD: How does your mentality impact your exercise or nutrition routine?

Attack the aging process from every angle with these tricks from Darnell Cox

DC: On a good day, when my head is in the right place, I can talk my laziest version of my physical self into hitting the gym hard, and talk my junk food-craving self out of devouring the bag of whatever cookies are in the cupboard. But there are those days, when those are flipped. When my head is not where it needs to be—and my body will follow suit.

DD: So much of your work has to do with feeling youthful. Why is it so important to focus on feeling youthful?

DC: Well, quite frankly, because the alternative sucks. So just as you need to “choose happiness” everyday, you also need to choose to feel youthful. And feeling youthful can mean different things for each of us—it can be a physical activity, a mindset, a conversation we have, or even a song we listen to… and sing along with!

DD: Do you have any tips, affirmations or mantras that help you get into a healthy mindset?

DC: Absolutely. Emile Zola said, “If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud.” I love that—to live out loud. It’s both a mission statement and a challenge.

DD: Absolutely! We’re all for living out loud. What other mantras do you turn to?

DC: There’s another phrase that’s often my mantra: “Chin up, tits out!” It was said to me by an old friend on a day when I was completely overwhelmed. It sounds simplistic, but it is that “mind-body” connection — this time with the body leading the way. Sometimes just a small physical act — like smiling when you don’t feel like it or changing your posture (thus, “Chin up, tits out!”), can affect your internal feelings.

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