Over the course of our 30-Day Ab Challenge, we are zeroing in on each of the exercises used, and this week we focus on the plank.

Here’s how it works: Three exercises over 30 days, and we up the intensity each day. Simple.

Think again!

Our 30 Day Ab Challenge is a great way to jumpstart that summer body training! If you have summer on your mind or you’re just looking for a new challenge, join in and challenge yourself to three different exercises—the crunch, the plank, and the knee tuck.

Today, it’s all about plank advice. Do the stated reps and hold time, adjust as needed and work your way up! Now, let’s get started…

The Plank

  1. There are two different ways to do a plank on the exercise ball: Put your feet on the ball and hands on the ground, or have your elbows on the ball with your feet on the ground
  2. Keep your whole core tight on this one
  3. Use your back muscles, glute muscles, and abs to keep your body in a straight line
  4. Don’t stick that booty too far up in the air or let it sag

Download the 30-day free workout schedule here.

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