Over the next three weeks, we’ll zero in on each exercise used in the 30-Day Ab Challenge. Today: The Crunch.

Here’s how it works: Three exercises over 30 days, and we up the intensity each day. Simple.

Think again!

If you’re looking for a new challenge or have summer on your mind, it’s time to kick it up a notch. It’s never too early to get started and this 30 Day Ab Challenge is a great way to kick-start that summer body training!

You’re going to challenge yourself to three different exercises—the crunch, the plank, and the knee tuck.

Today, we begin with tips for the crunch. Do the stated reps and hold time, adjust as needed and work your way up! Here we go…

The Crunch

  1. Keep your feet flat on the ground, lean back over the ball, and keep core tight to pull yourself up
  2. Find a position on the ball that works best for you to stay balanced and have the largest range of motion
  3. Remember to breathe!

Download the 30-day free workout schedule here.

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